Reducing anxiety

The anxiety, so common these days is a state of the mind and the body of an individual. The first description concerning anxiety would be that it is a very unpleasant state, some even say emotionally painful. Experts agree that anxiety has more than one component and they usually list the emotional, the behavioral, the somatic and the cognitive components as constitutive elements of the state of anxiety. It is usually connected with fear and concern and most experts claim that fear and concern are the actual causes of anxiety, but in some cases the opposite may be true, i.e. the anxiety can cause fear, and worry. While in certain situations it is considered to be quite normal, and even wanted, because it can be a lifesaving factor, when it becomes permanent and excessive it can even be considered as a psychological disorder, commonly called, anxiety disorder. The main question for people that face anxiety more often than it’s normal or usual is how to reduce anxiety and fortunately for them, there is more than one correct answer.

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How to reduce anxiety caused by sleeping

Overcoming Anxiety

Many believe that the irregular sleep or sleeping problems can be the source of anxiety, and there are cases where the sleep factor is crucial. Of course, in many cases, the opposite is true, i.e. that anxiety causes sleeping problems. Sometimes it is even difficult to determine which one is the case. Still, if you are asking yourself how to reduce anxiety, and you are facing sleeping problems, it would be smart to start there and try to resolve your sleeping issues, hoping that the anxiety will be eliminated as well. For most people, resolving sleeping issues is quite simple. So, you probably got nothing to worry about, just take up a physical activity during the day, always go to bed and get up at the same particular time, don’t use caffeine products too often and you’ll be good to go. Now, if you are one of the few unfortunate that suffer from extreme anxiety this won’t be enough. In such cases, you need to totally change your sleeping habit and start sleeping in few separate chunks, for example 5 hours during the night and two during the day, or even three chunks, 4-2-1. Even that might not help, but you got nothing to lose, plus, some people that have tried it say that it actually works.

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How to reduce anxiety? – Work, do something!

If your anxiety isn’t rooted in sleeping, there are other possible answers to the question ‘how to reduce anxiety’. The first solution is to start working more, be active, take action. Even simple things like washing the dishes or watering the garden can help. Psychologists believe that by being active you start feeling more alive, so to say, and in many cases, that alone, is enough to eliminate the anxiety.

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How to reduce anxiety that’s mild? – Easy, you don’t have a problem there!

If you are wondering how to reduce anxiety, but anxiety is neither permanent nor extreme, but it’s just something that occurs rarely, the solution is very simple. Drink a cup of green tea, or even play a video game in the anxiety will be gone before you know it.

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