How to stop panic attacks?

Overcoming Anxiety

The only thing that matters when panic attack strike – is stopping them. People who suffer from these attacks on a regular basis shouldn’t rely on drugs too much because that is not a successful solution on long terms. If you are used to take drugs because it is the only known way for you to stop panic attacks, you should be aware that it is a temporary solution in case you don’t want to get addicted to the medications. There are people who suffer from disturbing panic attacks throughout their entire lives, and they really need alternative methods of dealing with them. We will help you learn how to stop the panic attack without drugs with this article.

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Stop panic attacks with control

The first thing you should learn is how to identify your panic attacks. The panic attack often feels much like a stroke or a heart attack. In case you have doubts that you are suffering a stroke, heart attack or different kind of emergency, you need to get to the hospital immediately. When it comes to panic attacks, learning how to control the breathing is an important step forward that can help you stop panic attacks without using drugs. In the occurrence of an attack, the patient is hyperventilating, which encourages the feelings of panic further. You should get a paper lunch bag and breathe into it with deep, slow breaths. This is a well-known method that is effective when it comes to regulating your breathing during a panic attack.

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Stop panic attacks with meditation and jogging

If you suffer from panic attacks, yoga and meditation will make a huge improvement in the quality of your lifestyle. Learn the skills of yoga and practice every day because the meditation will allow you to close down and calm your mind. That is a great tool and skill to have in the middle of an attack. If you learn meditation skills, you will be able to stop panic attacks with calming your mind and thinking of peaceful places. Jogging is another helpful way of controlling your panic attacks. You can jog in place or around the house. That way you will release the excess of adrenaline that has built up during the panic attack. You will also gain other health benefits which will help you in long terms. However, you should make sure that you are in a good health condition before you try this method. You should check with your doctor before you start jogging.

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Other ways to stop panic attacks

Writing a letter to the inner-child of yours is a cool trick to play on your mind, which is recommended by many doctors as a way to stop panic attacks. Just sit down and imagine that you are writing a letter to the five-year old version of yourself. You can use the non-dominant writing hand as a way to make yourself more concentrated. This method can do wonders for people in the middle of panic attacks. Another useful advice is to play a song that is your favorite. Music is a fantastic release and it can bring calming memories that will cause the panic attack to calm down and stop. You should also buy a book of brain teaser puzzles, which will be a great distraction tool that will work in case of panic attack. You should attempt to solve those brain teasers genuinely and you may need to start over many times. Don’t give up and I assure you that the panic attack will go away. Before you decide to stay away from drugs, you should contact your doctor for advice. Follow the advice of your doctor if it is contrary to our article, because all people and cases are different. Remember: working on your skills will take some time so you shouldn’t give up. Never take the chance in case you think you might have a medical emergency.

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