Dealing with panic attacks

How to stop panic attacks

Is there anyone among us who can say that she or he isn’t bother by anxiety and stress and leaves a totally peaceful, stress-free and happy life?! Well, there probably is, but she or he would be an exception that only confirms the rule. And the rule is that today’s life is stressful. Or, for all we know, life has always been stressful. It’s just how life is, it’s how things work. The question is how we deal with that stress. Of course, a reasonable amount of stress can even be considered healthy, because, at times, stress is what encourages us to keep working, to keep doing what we do, to improve etc. But, some people aren’t that lucky to experience the ‘right’ amount of stress and they get more stress than they can handle. And too much stress can be the source of so many problems. Some go as far as saying that there probably isn’t any kind of problems that isn’t connected to stress, in one way, or another. It is known that stress can cause anxiety, and anxiety can cause panic attacks. If you are one of those who have to deal with them, you surely wonder how to stop panic attacks often enough.

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How to stop panic attacks? – A tricky question

Now, the question how to stop panic attacks is much more difficult than it seems, especially because, even though the source of the panic attacks is psychological, the manifestation is physical. This means that everyone that wants to stop the panic attacks and be free from them in the future has to deal with the source of the problem. Usually, the panic attacks are defined as the outcome from a state of great fear or anxiety, a state which is caused when the person is thinking about a certain threat. In most cases it doesn’t matter how real the threat is, because for the suffering person, the threat is the most real thing in the world, no matter how the people in his/her surrounding feel. This state causes the organism to enter the so called survival mode and that’s where the symptoms like dizziness, difficult breathing, and shaking come from. The physical source of the panic attacks is the adrenaline.

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Wondering how to stop panic attacks? – Not by pills

Taking anti-depressive drugs is the obvious solution and answer to the question ‘how to stop panic attacks’, at least for many people. But, you should always have in mind that the drugs in fact do not eliminate the attacks, they only eliminate the symptoms, and the symptoms are only a manifestation of a state of the mind and the body, a state which is unchanged when you are taking drugs. Not to mention that these drugs can cause severe dependency and cause even more problems.

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Eliminate the cause of the problem, that’s hot to stop panic attacks

So, how to stop panic attacks really?! The only solution to this serious problem is overcoming the fear and/or the nervousness which cause them. Now, that is certainly not something that can be done easily or overnight. But, the good thing is that there are many effective ways of eliminating anxiety, you just have to find the right one for you.

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